Monday, 10 September 2007

News Flash 2!!

Daddy got a new camera!! Its a flashy digital SLR, with all the buttons and disferent lenses and stuff. Cool huh. Now he take lots of good photos of me, and not crappy pics with his old toy campact digital. Here a pic I got from the website:

He hopes do alot of landscape and night photography, as well as some general photos. He may even be able to do some contract and freelance work too!! We cant wait to show you the results.

Ciao for now, Brrrrrr


Henry Helton said...

My Lady and Senor bought a camera almost just like that. Much better than the old flashy box.

Daisy said...

That looks like a great camera! I can't wait to see more photos. And I just read about the new baby kittens, must see photos!!! Congratulations!

Lux said...

My mom says to have a lot of fun with it (like he wouldn't) ... she loves shooting landscapes, too.

Axel and Manny said...

wow lux, your mommy and my daddy could share piccies soon!!

i think daddy will be on the farm again this weekend, so will have pics of the newbies then!!