Wednesday, 19 September 2007

New additions!! More then expected!!

Well as promised I have a few piccies to show you that took of my new slaves.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea of more of my kind here, I was enjoying having 100% of the farm peoples attention, and not just 95% when Tommy was still with us! (on a side note, I do miss him a bit, just don't tell anyone!)
One of them looks like me too!! I was especially not happy with that. They haven't been named yet- the farm people are undecided.
The way I figure, I will ALWAYS rule the farm, and therefore have ownership of inside the farm house as well as outside. The 2 sisters will be given mainly outside duties, including nightshift. And besides, daddy has made it clear that his love is totally devoted to me only!

Over the next few weeks I will be training them in the fine arts of patrolling, guarding, as well as the all important 'species control'- hunting vermin that shouldn't be here, like rabbits and mice. I will, out of necessity, also educate them on NOT what to hunt- the other farm's guard dogs, foxes and magpies in spring (yes they have already started swooping, check daddy's ears for proof...)

-psyching them up for training-

- and... FIGHT!!

Daddy goes over to Hobart next week for a little while, I have assured him the new troops will be ready for deployment by the time of his return. I was offered to go on the trip too, but I'm not too keen on airports anymore...

I have lobbied to have a tall perimeter fence constructed to keep out the border jumpers in the area, (they like the lifestyle and opportunities here better.) Its been finally approved, but only for part of the boundary?! Silly if you ask me, we would just be creating a giant doorway in reality! It doesn't matter anyway, because the farm-people committee can't decide on funding. Updates to follow.

Also, on the topic of additions to the farm, Billy the goat is now a proud father of 4 new kids!! Yay, I really like Billy and his family. They work hard to keep the weeds and blackberry bushes down to a minimum. Here's just one pic, daddy will tell you more about last weekends birthing stories in a few days. Poor daddy, he's been so busy lately- and will be for another week before he holidays in Hobart. He hoped to visit PABLO, and his house people too.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sleepy arvo's

Some days I just cant be bothered! Theres lots of patrolling to do around the vineyard and creek, but stuff it, it'll still be there tomorrow...

Yes dad, I know i'm cute!
Ok, that enough, let me sleep.
Seriously, go away, i'm gonna hide from you now...

Monday, 10 September 2007

News Flash 2!!

Daddy got a new camera!! Its a flashy digital SLR, with all the buttons and disferent lenses and stuff. Cool huh. Now he take lots of good photos of me, and not crappy pics with his old toy campact digital. Here a pic I got from the website:

He hopes do alot of landscape and night photography, as well as some general photos. He may even be able to do some contract and freelance work too!! We cant wait to show you the results.

Ciao for now, Brrrrrr

News Flash 1!!

Attention everyone!! We have 2 new additions to the farm, and they're just like me!!

They haven't been named yet, that will be Nonna's job. Daddy bought home 2 adopted kittens, they're sisters, and only a few months old. They had no home, so daddy and Nonna thought there would be plenty of room here for them. Pictures to come soon!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Farm Animal Profile no.1 - BUSTA!

Hello everyone and everycat-this is a the start of a series of profiles of the different animals here on the 'Shiralee Estate'

Id thought Id start with Busta, the american pit bull terrior, as he is the latest member of the clan. Daddy bought him not long ago, and he has settled in very quickly, though he still has a few issues with Butch, the other dog.Let me make one thing clear from the start, I don't like him! I don't mind Butch too much, but Busta is just a big meanie!! He behaves and adores the farm people all the time, but tends to always want a taste of me- he was adopted, and the farm people think he was allowed to 'sample' the suburban strays in Melbourne...
But, putting my differences aside, I have to respect for 2 main reasons. 1st, daddy adores him, and thats good enough for me. 2nd, he makes my job easier! I don't need to do much of the muscle work here anymore, he's the 'Estate bouncer'.
So here's a few quick pics, as you can see, he's still young and will get bigger, he's obedient, and damn ugly!!

Soon to come, profiles on the goats, chickens, geese, kangaroo's, wombats, rabbits, horses and ducks!!
bye for now, Brrrr...

Saturday, 28 July 2007


Hitler Kittens- or 'Kitlers' for short, have there own website!! You must see them here

I think there quite funny and cute. I havent been able to post much lately, daddy's been away lots and i need his help with typing. Daddy says he will try to help me out more now, but he still spends alot of time using me as a furry hot water bottle that never goes cold- its winter where we are!!


Thursday, 28 June 2007

Too Close DAMN IT

Hi all

Sorry that its been a while since my last post, daddy has been sick, and I need his help when typing.

I havent used many pictures so far on my blog. Theres two reasons for this. Fistly we only have dial-up at the farm! (shock-horror!) and dad's camera is a bit crappy. Heres a few examples:

See, its all white flash from my coat

Woah, that was so close it blew my ears back!


Ok, so that last pic was my fault. Dad was trying to get a nice photo of me on the chair, but I had one of my 'Dr Jekyl' turns. I get confused, sometimes I think I'm a jungle-cat. It must be the farm air...

Friday, 15 June 2007

Roadmap to Europe??

What this?? A road map to peace, or is daddy going to Europe??

I didnt want him to take over MY blog with all his bike stuff and blabbering about plans of tours through the Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy, so I insisted he gets his own!

There not much on there yet, but stay tuned.


Thursday, 14 June 2007

Deer me!

I just gotta tell this to everyone! Its busting out of me! I just gotta tell it to anyone who will listen!!

Daddy was on a long walk today- right around the boundary of the whole farm. He is putting together an evaluation of all the fences, and getting prices on new materials to replace\repair it all.
It is quire common to see feral rabbits, kangaroos, the odd possum or fox. Wombats are everywhere and are actually quite a problem here.
But, when waltzing thru the bushy area right on the back paddock, he bumped into a deer!! Incredible!! Its unheard of in this part of Victoria. He said that at first he thought it was a cow, because it was very big and brown, and the neighbours cattle often come thru the fences. Then it saw daddy, and ran away very fast.

This is the bit I really like, daddy is soooo brave and macho. (ahem) He got his, um, 'camera', in order to, 'take a photo', of it. It was of course a long way off by now, into the forest. But daddy is a seasoned bush-man and a good tracker. He found its trail, and started to track her. (its a 'her', it had only snubs for horns) He said it was quite hard, because the tracks are similar to other animals that roam the same grounds. But deer tread their left and right hoof's very close together. He tracked it for 2 hours, but had to leave her to be, it was getting dark and he knew I was getting hungry back home...


Slightly new look

Hi all. Just a quicky to say 'check out my editted banner!'

so there you go...

If anyone has an idea for a profile pic for me, or likes a pic I've already posted, or better yet has pics of me and\or daddy, let me know


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Under the bridge

At about midday today the inevitable happened.

Above is a picture of where he is buried, right next to where Rex the staffy X was buried nearly 3 years ago. Daddy thought it was appropriate because Tommy and Rex were best friends. They grew up together, shared many adventures and whenever Tommy needed help, Rex would protect him. If it was cold they would snuggle up to keep each other warm.
I know all this first hand because for my first 6 months on the farm Rex was still alive. I remember seeing Daddy giving him 2 needles every night to help with his liver cancer (to much grog in my opinion) and saw him die in Daddys arms. Much like Tommy today. Aunty Gianna was there too, she came all the way from the city.
And like Tommy, Rex had deteriorated to a pretty thin state over the last few months. In a way I hope I go in the same way. I don't want to disappear one day from everyone because I was hit by a car, or killed by a snake or eagle! I hope I get a dignified death like Tommy and Rex.

There's not much of a garden anymore because of the drought over the last few years. Nonna hopes to be able to make it all pretty again with roses and maybe even a fountain around the grave.

Rip Tommy- born 23rd October 1994, died 05th June 2007
and Rex too- born 10th July 1994, died 22nd July 2004

Axel. Brrrr....

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Tommy update

Well he is still with us. Only just though. He still hasn't eaten anything, its been a week now. At best he has a few licks of milk.

He has been in good spirits though. He is enjoying the fireplace a lot, staying inside every night (he was never house trained, preferring to go jungle style like his ancestors did) And, as the pics below show, enjoying some sunlight through the big glass doors!! Its been sunny here over the last few days. Nice, because its been raining lots lately- I don't like it but the farm peoples love it.

As we speak he is outside on the grass. Daddy will bring him now, its startng to get cold.

by for now


Thursday, 31 May 2007

Tommy- on his 9th life

Hello all. This wont be happy post I'm sorry. Below is pic of Tommy, the other farm cat her on farm. The 1st pic was taken last week. He is, literally, only a fraction of the man-cat that he used to be. He is over 13 years old now, daddy says he doesn't have much longer to go. He has lost alot of weight over the last couple of months, and hasn't eaten at all this week. At best he manages a bit of milk. He stays indoors all day and night.
As you can see, he's all skin and bones.
This pic was taken only about an hour ago, with Nonna.

He was never an affectionate cat. Since I've known him (when i moved here 3 1\2 years ago) I've only seen him get a quick cuddle from Nonno and Gianna- daddy's sister. But over the last couple weeks he has never been without physical contact. He has turned from a very shy and reclusive cat, to 'demanding' to be be on all the farm people's laps. Even aunty Kate, Pablo's house person, couldn't get more then a running glimpse of him on her visit here.

I would be jealous, but I must give credit where its due. Us cats are very smart, we know when death is approaching. Tommy has know for a while now, and has made an effort to make peace with everyone. With the farm people, and me. We never got along very well. Except when we teamed up to 'acquire' a snack from the kitchen- I would do the climbing, he would keep guard and meow out load if someone was coming. We would bash each other up all the time, usually over petty things though.

I have never experienced another cats dying last days. Please keep Tommy, mine, and daddy in your thoughts.

Axel. Brrrr....

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Another Wedding! YAY

Well on the subject of weddings, daddy was a guest at Sturt White's marriage to Alisha yesterday!!
Alot of the tassie crew will know Stu from the earlier days before he went to college in Sydney. Stu moved to Melbourne for work nearly 2 years ago now after finishing his studies, and actually lived with daddy for his 1st year in Melbourne.
There were other tassie people there too- Ian Harvey, Jono Haynes and Rob Slarks (who is actually living here too now), amongst others. The boys enjoyed a relatively quite time together the night before. Something called a 'bucks nite"?? It was no big party, just dinner out and a few drinks, though apparently some waxing strips got involved later on...
It was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day, and daddy wishes them all the best. Here's a few pics:

Da boys...

Farewell Stu and Elisha

Monday, 21 May 2007

7 Things about me!

Well I've been pressured so much, and yes I did say I would do this, so here goes:

note: pics will be added in a few days when daddy can get to a computer with broadband...

7 things about me:
~ I was born in Hobart,
~ I have a big adopted family,
~ I live on a cool little farm that I rule over,
~ I weigh just over 5kg. I know coz daddy weighed me last night. I thinks he's putting me on a diet now...
~ I eat once a day, but often snack on the chicken's food,
~ I am now over 5 people years old- I was born in January 2002, and
~ I roleplay alot. ie: I pretend that I'm a jungle-cat and stalk the farm-people!

7 things I like:
~ sunshine on my belly,
~ 'Cloe', she's a cutie-cat, with purrfect blue eyes,
~ the chickens, we get along pretty good,
~ the overgrown scrub along the creek,
~ 'supervising' the work on the farm,
~ rubs on my tummy, and
~ scratches on the back of my ears!

7 things I dont like:
~ most other cats,
~ including Tommy, he's the other farm-cat here. More on him another time,
~ dogs. Period.
~ dog food,
~ the goats, especially Billy. I will expand on this another time,
~ getting up early in winter, and
~ gettng locked out at night.

7 things I love:
~ rubs on the back of my hind legs,
~ peoples feet! I cant get enough of em! They're good for smelling, for playing and attacking, and for using as a stationary neck-rubbing post,
~ winter- it means more cuddle time daddy and other farm-peoples,
~ summer- it means more farm patrolling time,
~ the 3 geese, they protect me from snakes.
~ cuddles, and
~ everyperson!

7 things I hate:
~ the roaming eagles- I'm lower on the food tree,
~ winter- its so cold and wet outside,
~ summer- it means less cuddles from daddy,
~ magpies, coz they swoop me from behind in the spring,
~ snakes, a constant danger for me,
~ daddy's sister- coz shes got a look-a-like cat of me! Only I can truly be me! And
~ tail-pullers, enuf said...

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My eyes

Someone mentioned to daddy that they've never seem my eyes from the pics on here so far?! Well here's a quickie to appease you all, my admiring faithful:

More to follow soon.


Thursday, 26 April 2007

wow, well once again I'm overcome with all the international attention I've gotten so far. I didn't know that this existed?! Its great to see us cats getting the exposure we deserve, if I was a person I'd probably think it was a little disturbing though...

Here's a few pic's to keep you all satisfied for now. And yes, pictures with kangaroo's are coming soon!
on patrol
early wake ups are common on the farm, yes even in winter
...and pose'

Ciao for now, Brrrr

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Whats to come?!

Well, thankyou everyone for the overwealming response already! Im trully humbled, and thats quite a feat for a cat, especially me.

Think of this short post as a teaser, a preview if you like. In the coming weeks and months I'd like to share with you all so much of what life on the farm has been like, but also tell of all my experiences in Hobart. Both the house people, house visitors, and my adventures! Heres a few I'd like to tell:
the story of how Daddy and Kate rescued me,
antics in my first house, watching the logging trucks go past everyday,
my second house, the 'beach' house in snobby Battery Point,
as requested, my attempted escape from Melbourne airport!!
I want tell about all my favorite house people and daddys family,
I will tell of adventures on the farm, both old and new,
tell you all about the farm animals I keep in line! (they're a cheeky bunch)
explain the finer points of grape growing and wine making, that I supervise,
and lots lots more.

First thing though, I must get daddy to find some pictures to post- you all need to see how cute I am.


Sunday, 22 April 2007

About me

Brrrr, hello. I'm Axel, though I am known by many other names. My favorite is 'Piccolini', which is what daddy calls me.
I was born and grew up in Hobart Tasmania, but now live on a small farm north of Melbourne Victoria with my daddy's parents. This blog is about that farm, and life on it. I know that a lot of people miss me and love me, so I thought I'd start a blog!
I'm also hoping to find a kitty-wife, preferably from overseas. Apparently thats the trend these days?!

I'm now over 5 years old! Yes thats right, it seemed only yesterday that daddy and Kate (Pablo's house person) adopted me from the Hobart rspca.

I guess I'll aim to post about once a week. I'm very busy at the farm, I have to keep an eye on all the animals, make sure animals from other farms don't come though the fences, keep the birds out of the vineyard, supervise the wine production, and also keep the chairs warm for when Nonno and Nonna come home.
Woo, I'm tired now, time to get some rest.