Wednesday, 19 September 2007

New additions!! More then expected!!

Well as promised I have a few piccies to show you that took of my new slaves.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea of more of my kind here, I was enjoying having 100% of the farm peoples attention, and not just 95% when Tommy was still with us! (on a side note, I do miss him a bit, just don't tell anyone!)
One of them looks like me too!! I was especially not happy with that. They haven't been named yet- the farm people are undecided.
The way I figure, I will ALWAYS rule the farm, and therefore have ownership of inside the farm house as well as outside. The 2 sisters will be given mainly outside duties, including nightshift. And besides, daddy has made it clear that his love is totally devoted to me only!

Over the next few weeks I will be training them in the fine arts of patrolling, guarding, as well as the all important 'species control'- hunting vermin that shouldn't be here, like rabbits and mice. I will, out of necessity, also educate them on NOT what to hunt- the other farm's guard dogs, foxes and magpies in spring (yes they have already started swooping, check daddy's ears for proof...)

-psyching them up for training-

- and... FIGHT!!

Daddy goes over to Hobart next week for a little while, I have assured him the new troops will be ready for deployment by the time of his return. I was offered to go on the trip too, but I'm not too keen on airports anymore...

I have lobbied to have a tall perimeter fence constructed to keep out the border jumpers in the area, (they like the lifestyle and opportunities here better.) Its been finally approved, but only for part of the boundary?! Silly if you ask me, we would just be creating a giant doorway in reality! It doesn't matter anyway, because the farm-people committee can't decide on funding. Updates to follow.

Also, on the topic of additions to the farm, Billy the goat is now a proud father of 4 new kids!! Yay, I really like Billy and his family. They work hard to keep the weeds and blackberry bushes down to a minimum. Here's just one pic, daddy will tell you more about last weekends birthing stories in a few days. Poor daddy, he's been so busy lately- and will be for another week before he holidays in Hobart. He hoped to visit PABLO, and his house people too.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sleepy arvo's

Some days I just cant be bothered! Theres lots of patrolling to do around the vineyard and creek, but stuff it, it'll still be there tomorrow...

Yes dad, I know i'm cute!
Ok, that enough, let me sleep.
Seriously, go away, i'm gonna hide from you now...

Monday, 10 September 2007

News Flash 2!!

Daddy got a new camera!! Its a flashy digital SLR, with all the buttons and disferent lenses and stuff. Cool huh. Now he take lots of good photos of me, and not crappy pics with his old toy campact digital. Here a pic I got from the website:

He hopes do alot of landscape and night photography, as well as some general photos. He may even be able to do some contract and freelance work too!! We cant wait to show you the results.

Ciao for now, Brrrrrr

News Flash 1!!

Attention everyone!! We have 2 new additions to the farm, and they're just like me!!

They haven't been named yet, that will be Nonna's job. Daddy bought home 2 adopted kittens, they're sisters, and only a few months old. They had no home, so daddy and Nonna thought there would be plenty of room here for them. Pictures to come soon!!