Thursday, 31 May 2007

Tommy- on his 9th life

Hello all. This wont be happy post I'm sorry. Below is pic of Tommy, the other farm cat her on farm. The 1st pic was taken last week. He is, literally, only a fraction of the man-cat that he used to be. He is over 13 years old now, daddy says he doesn't have much longer to go. He has lost alot of weight over the last couple of months, and hasn't eaten at all this week. At best he manages a bit of milk. He stays indoors all day and night.
As you can see, he's all skin and bones.
This pic was taken only about an hour ago, with Nonna.

He was never an affectionate cat. Since I've known him (when i moved here 3 1\2 years ago) I've only seen him get a quick cuddle from Nonno and Gianna- daddy's sister. But over the last couple weeks he has never been without physical contact. He has turned from a very shy and reclusive cat, to 'demanding' to be be on all the farm people's laps. Even aunty Kate, Pablo's house person, couldn't get more then a running glimpse of him on her visit here.

I would be jealous, but I must give credit where its due. Us cats are very smart, we know when death is approaching. Tommy has know for a while now, and has made an effort to make peace with everyone. With the farm people, and me. We never got along very well. Except when we teamed up to 'acquire' a snack from the kitchen- I would do the climbing, he would keep guard and meow out load if someone was coming. We would bash each other up all the time, usually over petty things though.

I have never experienced another cats dying last days. Please keep Tommy, mine, and daddy in your thoughts.

Axel. Brrrr....

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Another Wedding! YAY

Well on the subject of weddings, daddy was a guest at Sturt White's marriage to Alisha yesterday!!
Alot of the tassie crew will know Stu from the earlier days before he went to college in Sydney. Stu moved to Melbourne for work nearly 2 years ago now after finishing his studies, and actually lived with daddy for his 1st year in Melbourne.
There were other tassie people there too- Ian Harvey, Jono Haynes and Rob Slarks (who is actually living here too now), amongst others. The boys enjoyed a relatively quite time together the night before. Something called a 'bucks nite"?? It was no big party, just dinner out and a few drinks, though apparently some waxing strips got involved later on...
It was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day, and daddy wishes them all the best. Here's a few pics:

Da boys...

Farewell Stu and Elisha

Monday, 21 May 2007

7 Things about me!

Well I've been pressured so much, and yes I did say I would do this, so here goes:

note: pics will be added in a few days when daddy can get to a computer with broadband...

7 things about me:
~ I was born in Hobart,
~ I have a big adopted family,
~ I live on a cool little farm that I rule over,
~ I weigh just over 5kg. I know coz daddy weighed me last night. I thinks he's putting me on a diet now...
~ I eat once a day, but often snack on the chicken's food,
~ I am now over 5 people years old- I was born in January 2002, and
~ I roleplay alot. ie: I pretend that I'm a jungle-cat and stalk the farm-people!

7 things I like:
~ sunshine on my belly,
~ 'Cloe', she's a cutie-cat, with purrfect blue eyes,
~ the chickens, we get along pretty good,
~ the overgrown scrub along the creek,
~ 'supervising' the work on the farm,
~ rubs on my tummy, and
~ scratches on the back of my ears!

7 things I dont like:
~ most other cats,
~ including Tommy, he's the other farm-cat here. More on him another time,
~ dogs. Period.
~ dog food,
~ the goats, especially Billy. I will expand on this another time,
~ getting up early in winter, and
~ gettng locked out at night.

7 things I love:
~ rubs on the back of my hind legs,
~ peoples feet! I cant get enough of em! They're good for smelling, for playing and attacking, and for using as a stationary neck-rubbing post,
~ winter- it means more cuddle time daddy and other farm-peoples,
~ summer- it means more farm patrolling time,
~ the 3 geese, they protect me from snakes.
~ cuddles, and
~ everyperson!

7 things I hate:
~ the roaming eagles- I'm lower on the food tree,
~ winter- its so cold and wet outside,
~ summer- it means less cuddles from daddy,
~ magpies, coz they swoop me from behind in the spring,
~ snakes, a constant danger for me,
~ daddy's sister- coz shes got a look-a-like cat of me! Only I can truly be me! And
~ tail-pullers, enuf said...

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My eyes

Someone mentioned to daddy that they've never seem my eyes from the pics on here so far?! Well here's a quickie to appease you all, my admiring faithful:

More to follow soon.