Thursday, 26 April 2007

wow, well once again I'm overcome with all the international attention I've gotten so far. I didn't know that this existed?! Its great to see us cats getting the exposure we deserve, if I was a person I'd probably think it was a little disturbing though...

Here's a few pic's to keep you all satisfied for now. And yes, pictures with kangaroo's are coming soon!
on patrol
early wake ups are common on the farm, yes even in winter
...and pose'

Ciao for now, Brrrr

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Whats to come?!

Well, thankyou everyone for the overwealming response already! Im trully humbled, and thats quite a feat for a cat, especially me.

Think of this short post as a teaser, a preview if you like. In the coming weeks and months I'd like to share with you all so much of what life on the farm has been like, but also tell of all my experiences in Hobart. Both the house people, house visitors, and my adventures! Heres a few I'd like to tell:
the story of how Daddy and Kate rescued me,
antics in my first house, watching the logging trucks go past everyday,
my second house, the 'beach' house in snobby Battery Point,
as requested, my attempted escape from Melbourne airport!!
I want tell about all my favorite house people and daddys family,
I will tell of adventures on the farm, both old and new,
tell you all about the farm animals I keep in line! (they're a cheeky bunch)
explain the finer points of grape growing and wine making, that I supervise,
and lots lots more.

First thing though, I must get daddy to find some pictures to post- you all need to see how cute I am.


Sunday, 22 April 2007

About me

Brrrr, hello. I'm Axel, though I am known by many other names. My favorite is 'Piccolini', which is what daddy calls me.
I was born and grew up in Hobart Tasmania, but now live on a small farm north of Melbourne Victoria with my daddy's parents. This blog is about that farm, and life on it. I know that a lot of people miss me and love me, so I thought I'd start a blog!
I'm also hoping to find a kitty-wife, preferably from overseas. Apparently thats the trend these days?!

I'm now over 5 years old! Yes thats right, it seemed only yesterday that daddy and Kate (Pablo's house person) adopted me from the Hobart rspca.

I guess I'll aim to post about once a week. I'm very busy at the farm, I have to keep an eye on all the animals, make sure animals from other farms don't come though the fences, keep the birds out of the vineyard, supervise the wine production, and also keep the chairs warm for when Nonno and Nonna come home.
Woo, I'm tired now, time to get some rest.