Thursday, 28 June 2007

Too Close DAMN IT

Hi all

Sorry that its been a while since my last post, daddy has been sick, and I need his help when typing.

I havent used many pictures so far on my blog. Theres two reasons for this. Fistly we only have dial-up at the farm! (shock-horror!) and dad's camera is a bit crappy. Heres a few examples:

See, its all white flash from my coat

Woah, that was so close it blew my ears back!


Ok, so that last pic was my fault. Dad was trying to get a nice photo of me on the chair, but I had one of my 'Dr Jekyl' turns. I get confused, sometimes I think I'm a jungle-cat. It must be the farm air...

Friday, 15 June 2007

Roadmap to Europe??

What this?? A road map to peace, or is daddy going to Europe??

I didnt want him to take over MY blog with all his bike stuff and blabbering about plans of tours through the Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy, so I insisted he gets his own!

There not much on there yet, but stay tuned.


Thursday, 14 June 2007

Deer me!

I just gotta tell this to everyone! Its busting out of me! I just gotta tell it to anyone who will listen!!

Daddy was on a long walk today- right around the boundary of the whole farm. He is putting together an evaluation of all the fences, and getting prices on new materials to replace\repair it all.
It is quire common to see feral rabbits, kangaroos, the odd possum or fox. Wombats are everywhere and are actually quite a problem here.
But, when waltzing thru the bushy area right on the back paddock, he bumped into a deer!! Incredible!! Its unheard of in this part of Victoria. He said that at first he thought it was a cow, because it was very big and brown, and the neighbours cattle often come thru the fences. Then it saw daddy, and ran away very fast.

This is the bit I really like, daddy is soooo brave and macho. (ahem) He got his, um, 'camera', in order to, 'take a photo', of it. It was of course a long way off by now, into the forest. But daddy is a seasoned bush-man and a good tracker. He found its trail, and started to track her. (its a 'her', it had only snubs for horns) He said it was quite hard, because the tracks are similar to other animals that roam the same grounds. But deer tread their left and right hoof's very close together. He tracked it for 2 hours, but had to leave her to be, it was getting dark and he knew I was getting hungry back home...


Slightly new look

Hi all. Just a quicky to say 'check out my editted banner!'

so there you go...

If anyone has an idea for a profile pic for me, or likes a pic I've already posted, or better yet has pics of me and\or daddy, let me know


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Under the bridge

At about midday today the inevitable happened.

Above is a picture of where he is buried, right next to where Rex the staffy X was buried nearly 3 years ago. Daddy thought it was appropriate because Tommy and Rex were best friends. They grew up together, shared many adventures and whenever Tommy needed help, Rex would protect him. If it was cold they would snuggle up to keep each other warm.
I know all this first hand because for my first 6 months on the farm Rex was still alive. I remember seeing Daddy giving him 2 needles every night to help with his liver cancer (to much grog in my opinion) and saw him die in Daddys arms. Much like Tommy today. Aunty Gianna was there too, she came all the way from the city.
And like Tommy, Rex had deteriorated to a pretty thin state over the last few months. In a way I hope I go in the same way. I don't want to disappear one day from everyone because I was hit by a car, or killed by a snake or eagle! I hope I get a dignified death like Tommy and Rex.

There's not much of a garden anymore because of the drought over the last few years. Nonna hopes to be able to make it all pretty again with roses and maybe even a fountain around the grave.

Rip Tommy- born 23rd October 1994, died 05th June 2007
and Rex too- born 10th July 1994, died 22nd July 2004

Axel. Brrrr....

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Tommy update

Well he is still with us. Only just though. He still hasn't eaten anything, its been a week now. At best he has a few licks of milk.

He has been in good spirits though. He is enjoying the fireplace a lot, staying inside every night (he was never house trained, preferring to go jungle style like his ancestors did) And, as the pics below show, enjoying some sunlight through the big glass doors!! Its been sunny here over the last few days. Nice, because its been raining lots lately- I don't like it but the farm peoples love it.

As we speak he is outside on the grass. Daddy will bring him now, its startng to get cold.

by for now