Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Farm Animal Profile no.1 - BUSTA!

Hello everyone and everycat-this is a the start of a series of profiles of the different animals here on the 'Shiralee Estate'

Id thought Id start with Busta, the american pit bull terrior, as he is the latest member of the clan. Daddy bought him not long ago, and he has settled in very quickly, though he still has a few issues with Butch, the other dog.Let me make one thing clear from the start, I don't like him! I don't mind Butch too much, but Busta is just a big meanie!! He behaves and adores the farm people all the time, but tends to always want a taste of me- he was adopted, and the farm people think he was allowed to 'sample' the suburban strays in Melbourne...
But, putting my differences aside, I have to respect for 2 main reasons. 1st, daddy adores him, and thats good enough for me. 2nd, he makes my job easier! I don't need to do much of the muscle work here anymore, he's the 'Estate bouncer'.
So here's a few quick pics, as you can see, he's still young and will get bigger, he's obedient, and damn ugly!!

Soon to come, profiles on the goats, chickens, geese, kangaroo's, wombats, rabbits, horses and ducks!!
bye for now, Brrrr...